Employer Services

USIncomeVerify is a service that allows companies to better utilize their employees by taking the burden of income and employment verification off of their internal HR department. Rather than having HR employees spend their valuable time providing this information to loan and credit card companies, a service that provides no tangible benefit to the employer, employers can instead utilize the USIncomeVerify service at no cost to the employer, offloading that responsibility.

  • Income/Employment Verifications - USIncomeVerify allows employers to conveniently provide payroll and employment information employees need for personal financial matters.
  • W-2 - Use USIncomeVerify to provide electronic copies of W-2s.
  • Paperless Pay - Employees can securely view their paystubs on our website 24 hours a day.
  • Paycard - USIncomeVerify's Paycard solution is a convenient alternative to paper checks.
  • We provide these services and others through our Employee Portal.