Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is USIncomeVerify?

USIncomeVerify is a service that provides accurate, up to date income and employment information to lenders who need to be certain that they are using the most recent information when making lending decisions.

2. Why Should I Use USIncomeVerify?

In today's economic climate, it is more important than ever that you use the most accurate and timely information available when making decisions based on someone's employment information. USIncomeVerify provides you with that information. We get our data directly from employers, which eliminates the possibility of fraud due to an employee providing you with falsified documents, such as fake pay stubs or a fake W-4.

3. How Do I Use USIncomeVerify?

After having created an account on our site, use the Income Authorization Key provided by the employee to access his or her income and employment history.

4. Do I Need An Income Authorization Key For All Transactions on the USIncomeVerify Site?

If you are reviewing employment history only for an employee, you do not need an Income Authorization Key. All you will need is the employee's Social Security Number and employer code.

4. How Much Does It Cost?

Please see our pricing page for that information.

5. How Long Are Income Authorization Keys Good For?

Income authorization keys are good for seven days. If you have not used it within seven days, the employee will have to generate a new one.