About Us

USIncomeVerify has rapidly become the second largest employment and income verification services company in the marketplace. USIncomveVerify attributes this to state of the art technology and the best customer service in the industry.

Our services range from Paperless Paystubs, W-2s, Paycard, and Verification Services. Our focus is on streamlining organizations' and employees' ability to access information in a fast and secure method, while allowing for a more automated process that eliminates paper, and reduces time and cost to both organizations and employees.


If you need to verify an applicant's income or employment history, whether for a mortgage application, car loan, or even potential employment, USIncomeVerify provides you with peace of mind knowing that the data you are relying on comes straight from employers. What that means to you is that you are always using the most recent data available.


If your employer uses USIncomeVerify, providing income and employment information to lenders or potential employers is easier than ever. Rather than having to go to your HR or payroll department and depend on someone else to get your request out amidst all of their other responsibilities, through USIncomeVerify YOU control who sees your income and employment information and when it is available to them.

Social Services

USIncomeVerify provides accurate, reliable information to social service agencies. This allows you to make timely, accurate decisions for applicants. It makes your job easier than ever.

USIncomeVerify has fixed pricing if you are an occasional user of our service. If you will be using it regularly, please contact us to discuss volume discounts.