Paperless Pay

Paperless Pay is an electronic distribution system for pay advice information. It allows employers to eliminate the cost of printing and distributing pay stubs to employees. With many organizations moving to mandated electronic pay, Paperless Pay eliminates that last piece of paper in the payroll process. The Paperless Pay systems utilizes many different mechanisms to allow employees access to their pay information. Some of the methods of retrieval utilized include:

  • Web-based pay stub
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) access to pay information
  • Fax back service
  • Point of Sale on demand printing of pay stub
  • Text messaging of pay information
  • E-mail distribution

Paperless Pay provides all these services with eye on compliance and security. Ensuring that all the data is secured and delivered in a method that is compliant with State laws in the most important component in delivering pay information electronically. Paperless Pay's team of professionals are active in insuring the Paperless Pay system is secure and compliant.