SUI Tax Management

Verification of State Unemployment Tax Rates

Let USIncomeVerify keep up with the newest tax requirements so you don't have to. We will work with your company to confirm the annual tax rate for all states in which you do business. Each quarter, your contribution reports are compared to the benefit charge information in our system as well as the data maintained by each state. USIncomeVerify will then protest any inaccuracies to the appropriate agency and request any corresponding refunds. We will follow up on the case until the discrepancy is resolved. Allowing USIncomeVerify to facilitate a quick resolution on your behalf allows you to focus on more important matters--like running your business.

Benefit Charge Audits

Each year, several billion dollars in unemployment benefits are paid in error to claimants nationwide. With unemployment on the rise, the opportunities for errors are increased. USIncomeVerify is dedicated to minimizing these payment errors for your company.

Included in the Unemployment Cost Management Service is a regular audit of your company's tax account and each benefit charge that appears. We will protest any errors and follow up with the appropriate state agency on your behalf. Our goal is to ensure your company receives the proper credits for future tax rate verification.

Voluntary Contributions

A Voluntary Contribution is a state-sanctioned opportunity for an employer to make an annual advance payment to an unemployment account, thereby increasing the positive variables in the unemployment tax rate equation and effectively reducing the rate for that year. USIncomeVerify will review each tax rate notice and determine whether or not an advance payment would be beneficial. Our staff will follow up with the state to ensure the payment was been processed and tax rate has been reduced.

The following 25 states allow Voluntary Contributions: (deadlines may vary)

New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
South Dakota
West Virginia

Corporate Restructure Planning

When planning and executing a merger, acquisition, or divestiture, the impact on unemployment cost generally falls to the bottom of the "due diligence list". USIncomeVerify can guide your company from planning stages to implementation, addressing the relevant employment tax issues that come with such a transition--everything from budgeting for unemployment costs to meeting strict state deadlines for filing mandatory notifications.

Other Tax Services

  • Tax rate projections and Budget planning
  • Historical review of past UI tax statements
  • Paperwork completion and Compliance checks
  • Costs/Savings analysis