Tax Credit Services

TCS USIncomeVerify has partnered with Tax Credit Services, LLC. (TCS) to enable our customers to take advantage of the latest tax incentives, credits and refunds available. TCS is rapidly growing as a nationally recognized provider of federal, state and local tax services. TCS can identify, secure and administer valuable government incentives for your company, thereby improving your financial performance and reducing your effective tax rate, bringing true value to the bottom line.

Since 2001, the staff at TCS has been dedicated to customer profitability and their success has been measured by a commitment to be solely focused on the business of tax credits and government incentives. They assist companies, from Fortune 50 to small proprietors, in saving thousands of dollars every year by capturing government monies that often go unclaimed. TCS generally operates on a contingency fee basis, allowing you to see first hand the value of their service without any out of pocket expense. You don�t pay anything unless they are able to produce tax credits for your company.

Contact TCS and begin a comprehensive analysis to identify opportunities including: WOTC and other Federal Hiring Credits, Federal Empowerment Zones/Renewal Communities, State Enterprise Zones, Sales Tax Reductions, Exemptions and Refunds, State Point of Hire Credits, Jobs Tax Credits, Job Training Credits, and Site Location Services.

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