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What is employment and income verification?

Today more than ever, Social Service organizations need the most accurate, current salary information available to make the best decision concerning service applicants. In the past, service providers were dependent on employees bringing paystubs or W-2 forms to verify their income. However, these documents can easily be faked or altered, putting the service organization at risk of fraud.

USIncomeVerify eliminates these risks by providing payroll information that was obtained directly from employers' payroll systems. Employers provide USIncomeVerify with payroll data after every pay period, so service providers can be confident that their decisions are based on the most recent payroll information available for the applicant.

How does USIncomeVerify help Social Services organizations?

You can quickly show your client's current wages as well as his income history, view a termination date, or confirm a wage suspension. USIncomeVerify allows you to work cases faster by moving jobs that previously required a great deal of paperwork to an electronic format. This change benefits social service applicants because it allows you to work their cases faster. In addition, you get better, more up-to-date data which helps you make better decisions, leading to a reduction in over-payments as well as fewer errors.