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Paycard Solution

USIncomeVerify offers a simple, cost-effective alternative to paper checks for distributing funds to both banked and unbanked employees. Paying employees with the Paycard provides the convenience and flexibility of electronic payroll in a secure, card-based solution - without the need for the cardholder to have a bank account.

Extend electronic payments to employees who don't qualify for direct deposit

  • Unbanked workers
  • Temporary workers
  • Seasonal workers
  • Geographically dispersed employees

Ideal for payroll and more

  • Expense reimbursement
  • Termination pay
  • Emergency funds
  • Per diems
  • Settlements

How it works

The Paycard serves as a virtual account for employees, providing many of the conveniences of a bankcard - without requiring a bank account.

  • Transfer payroll funds to USIncomeVerify - just like direct deposit
  • We load funds to each employee's Paycard in real time
  • Employees use their Paycard to access funds - at Cirrus® ATM or Maestro® POS locations - or write a Comchek® draft against the balance


  • Flexible access to funds. The Paycard is accepted worldwide at more than 10 million Maestro® point-of-sale locations and more than 1.3 million Cirrus® ATM locations worldwide.
  • More secure and economical than check cashing services
  • PIN-based security
  • Free, secure online access to account information
  • Cardholder Welcome Kits available in English and Spanish

Simpler, less expensive processing for employers

The Paycard reduces the expense of paper-check production, distribution and reconciliation.

  • Eliminates lost checks and check fraud
  • Funds transferred instantly and securely
  • Immediate distribution of expense reimbursements and termination pay

Easier, more efficient employee time management solutions

Electronic payments made with the Paycard, also offer the benefit of the Paperless Pay online time reporting system. The Paperless Pay solution allows employees to record their timesheets electronically and gives employers the ability to record, approve and manage employee time and attendance.