USIncomeVerify makes it easy for social service organizations to get the information that they need to fulfill their responsibilities. You may contact us directly by phone as well as through our website. All information that we have available is accessible both through the web and by phone. In addition, we offer the capability for you to obtain income and employment information via uploading a spreadsheet using a simple format.

Rapid Verify

Go to to quickly obtain income and employment information on anyone in our database. All of the information in our system is available from our web site, so you will have access to the information you need without delay. USIncomeVerify also provides "fax back" service, so that information you request can be sent to your fax machine within a short time of your requesting it. For pricing information, please see our pricing page.

Batch Processing

We also offer you the ability to upload a standard spreadsheet document in a simple format. We will then process your request from the spreadsheet and return the requested information to you via fax or email. In addition, you can also come back to the web site after receiving a notification that your spreadsheet has been processed and download a PDF that contains the income and employment information that you requested.