Why Choose USIncomeVerify?

USIncomeVerify is the safest, fastest, most cost effective way to verify income and employment history. No other service offers the same combination of service and security.

USIncomeVerify takes the privacy of employees seriously and safeguards their data appropriately. Additionally, we provide a "data checkup" for free once a year so that employees can verify that the information we provide on their behalf is accurate and complete.

Due to the close relationship we have with the employers who provide their data to us, we guarantee that the income and employment history information we provide is current and accurate. This allows verifiers to perform their jobs confidently, knowing that they are basing their decisions on the most recent information available.

Another benefit is the fact that our income and employment history information comes directly from employers is the reduced chance of fraud. Because the data that we present to organizations has not been touched by employees, there is virtually no chance that the data is fraudulent.

Use USIncomeVerify for all of your income and employment needs!